Lines, Sketching vs. Drawing, Parallel Lines Rolled Into One


Scan0081     Scan0080


Hi all!  I know it has been a couple of days since I posted anything on here, but that’s how it is a Christmas time.  So much to do.  :0)  I worked my way through the whole Basic Technique section of How To Draw Everything, and when I got to the perspective lesson, I lost ground.  I can draw perspective freehand, but this way where you have to have an idea of where the horizon line is, and draw form there, that’s when it gets a little tough.

I quickly realized that I was having trouble with the perspective lessons that I needed to actually sit down and work harder on the actual lessons.  That means doing things like drawing straight lines, learning the difference between sketching and drawing, and learning to make great parallel lines.  The first exercises look really easy to do until try to do them yourself.  That’s when it gets dicey for me.

My first picture is where I sketched the oval shape and drew the lines on it to connect it to the season.  I threw together three lessons and made two pages out of my sketchbook.  The second page is another practice page with all three elements thrown together.  On both pages I created a couple of fun designs.  :0)


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